According to the emergency situation that we are suffering, we want to inform you in this blog about all the measures that we are carrying out at ABN to help as much as we can.

First of all, we want to thank the sanitarians, the staff of the nursing homes, all the Security Forces, the Spanish Army and the Military Emergency Unit (UME) for all the disinterested workforce involved in this health crisis that we are living.

ABN, being an industry in the animal feed sector "that participates in the market supply chain and in the operation of the services of the centers of production of goods and services ...", is responsible for continuing working and producing dry yeast.

To confirm that the entire ABN family works in the best conditions, since weeks before the State Decree of alarm, we have adopted several measures that we are all assuming with responsibility. Measures such as: giving addtional personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to those used daily in the performance of our work, telecommuting those staff who can or should due to their family circumstances, strict compliance with protocols for maintaining social distance, cancellation of meetings and visits, establishment of mismatched shifts, closure of common spaces, mandatory protocols for hand hygiene and cleaning of equipment and sets, quarantine of couriers and parcels, cleaning of shoes before entering the factory, etc.

On the other hand, in the social aspect, we also want to help and we to carry out the following actions:

• We have donated all available ABN supplies such as protective overalls and chocks to Hospital 12 de Octubre.

• ABN collaborates with the Torrelodones Sewing School and from ABN we have bought garbage bags to make robes and PVC sheets to make protective masks. In addition to the sewing center staff, several people from the Villanueva del Pardillo municipality have participated in these works.

• We have brought handmade robes to the Medinaceli Nursing Home in Villanueva del Pardillo.

• Since ABN is open and carriers do not have bars or any open establishment to take a break and have a coffee, we have set up a “food and rest area” at the entrance of ABN so that they can eat and drink something. We have offered this area to the Villanueva del Pardillo Local Police and the Civil Guard, who have already used it on one occasion.



We have taken the direct one, because together we will be able to carry out this pandemic. These are some of the measures that we already offered on April 6 to the Local Police of Villanueva del Pardillo:

• Filling of street cleaning washdown trucks with disinfectant solution. ABN offers its help since we have disinfectant liquid in abundance for being a food factory.

• Delivery of protective screens for the municipal services that require it, as well as residences or health centers.

• Manufacture of more robes.

Make our facilities available to people from the Security Forces and employees of the City Council so that they can use the services or have a snack when they are out of their location doing their job.

If we all collaborate, this situation will surely end sooner.