ABN will launch a new brewer’s yeast drying plant

ABN will launch a new brewer’s yeast drying plant

At the end of this year ABN is expecting to finalise all the work to launch its new factory in Villanueva del Pardillo (Madrid). This new building’s purpose is to dry liquid brewer’s yeast. The project has been financially supported by the Centre for Technological and Industrial Development.

This is an innovative project with a great potential and plenty of possibilities for growth. The new production process entails the pasteurization and concentration of brewer’s yeast that is subsequently dried using different technologies according to which product is aiming to produce. There are two different options, one is a drying process using rollers, and the other is a more optimal alternative called Spray-Drying.

This way, ABN is ensuring an exhaustive control of the production process, from the reception of the liquid raw material at the new factory, to its transformation into a finished product ready to be commercialised.

ABN’s main objective is to manufacture a standardised product subjected to very strict quality rules which will facilitate our own clients’ manufacturing processes.

To be continued...